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Time will always erode the past years, making memories gradually mottled. Those stars who have accompanied us, those legends who have influenced football, use the football under their feet to depict a colorful and colorful world.


Knowing the ball Emperor grandly launched the Football Hall of Fame, condensing the touch that every legend brings to us. Every Tuesday night at ten o'clock, wonderful presentations.


Distinctive sports glasses, the year-round pigtail hairstyle, and the classic style copied by popular games, Davis is undoubtedly the most recognizable star on the court. Some young fans will ask, what kind of player Edgar Davis is. He is a "wild boar" on the green field. He may not be the strongest, but he never gives in. He is grumpy. Kanter, the offensive Gattuso.


He has a lot of energy and can cover a very large court area; he has a tough style, is willing to actively fight, and is good at fierce tackles; he has a balanced offensive and defensive, can implement a "death wound" on offensive players in the backcourt, and can also dribble the ball quickly to create murder ……These stunts provide him with the guarantee of standing and standing in the world, and his fierce temper and unruly personality have turned him into a veritable "soul and evil" in the world of football. Eating cards is a routine operation, and Lippi The disparity between many famous coaches directly affected his career.


When I was a teenager, when I heard about Dutch football, people always called it passionate and advocating offense. Every time in the World Championships, the enthusiastic youths always looked forward to the Dutch team's "silver bottle burst into water, and the iron cavalry protruded with the sound of knives and guns." Offensive football. But with the increase of age and the increasing number of times of watching the stadium, I suddenly understood that the core concept of the Netherlands is not "offensive" but "all". Therefore, the angle of appreciation has also changed. For those who can serve the whole Stars who can show their individuality are more respected, and Edgar Davis, who has worked tirelessly to win every opportunity for the team to switch offense and defense, is one of the best.


In 1973, Davis was born in Suriname, a former Dutch colony. Although it is independent, Suriname still exports a large number of talents to Dutch football, and contributes as much to the Orang Asli as the Netherlands. Rijkaard, Gullit, Seedorf, Kluivert and other stars have all Blood here. They have the flexibility, technique and eclectic creativity of South American players, coupled with the discipline and tactical ideas given to them by the Dutch youth training, Suriname football talents have a high probability of becoming the world's top stars after being forged by a mature European system.

1973年,戴维斯出生于前荷兰殖民地苏里南。苏里南虽然是独立的,但仍向荷兰足球出口大量人才,并为荷兰的奥兰阿斯里(Orang Asli)做出了巨大贡献。 Rijkaard,Gullit,Seedorf,Kluivert和其他恒星都在这里献血。他们具有南美球员的灵活性,技巧和折衷的创造力,再加上荷兰青年训练队给予他们的纪律和战术思想,苏里南足球人才在被成熟的欧洲人锻造后很有可能成为世界顶级球星系统。

Davis also has this advantage. He came to the Netherlands to live with his family when he was a child. His family is at the bottom of the society but has been working tirelessly. The words and deeds of the elders taught the young Davis to work hard. Seed. Huangtian has paid off his hard work, and the talented Davis joined the Ajax youth team at the age of 13, and began his own green legend.


Davis started with a strong start at Ajax. He quickly became the main force of the team after being promoted to the first team at the age of 18. At this time, the Dutch midfielder rarely rushed to the full court, but first made a defensive midfielder. The task of this job is to provide reliable protection for the defense line led by Frank De Boer with close marking and precise tackles. It can also help the team sort out the midfield under the leadership of senior Rijkaard. In the eyes of Van Gaal, who values ​​tactical execution very much, Davis's extremely aggressive and highly effective playing style is very satisfactory, and he also awarded the very domineering nickname "Bulldog" to his lover.

戴维斯(Davis)从Ajax的强势开端开始。他在18岁被晋升为一线队后迅速成为球队的主力军。此时,荷兰中场很少急于进入全场,而是首先成为了防守型中场。这项工作的任务是为弗兰克·德·布尔(Frank De Boer)领导的防御线提供可靠的保护,并带有精确的标记和精确的铲球。它还可以帮助球队在里贾德(Rijkaard)的领导下清理中场。在非常重视战术执行力的范加尔(Van Gaal)的眼中,戴维斯(Davis)极具侵略性和高效的打法非常令人满意,他还给爱人授予了非常霸气的绰号``斗牛犬''(Bulldog)。

After the bulldog came out of the cage, he helped Ajax to move forward. In the 1991-92 season, Davis played 16 times for Ajax, and with the team won the UEFA Cup championship trophy; in the 1992-93 season, the Bulldogs strengthened their offensive ability, developed a sudden outside the penalty area Shi Lengjian's skills have enriched his offensive methods while also practicing the concept of Dutch football.


At this time, young talents in the Ajax team came out in large numbers. Davis, Seedorf, Van der Sar, Kluivert, the De Boer brothers, Ovimas, etc. have written legends in Dutch football history in the future All the young players from Van Gaal have gathered under Van Gaal's command. The veteran Rijkaard uses his own experience to steer the team. With amazing placement rate, rapid offensive and defensive transitions and fast and precise passing, the Ajax Youth Army has become Europe The team with the most firepower in football has played the style of Dutch football. In the 1994-95 UEFA Champions League final, Kluivert scored as a substitute and defeated the mighty AC Milan to win the Champions League trophy. Davis continued to learn next to Rijkaard, his field of vision became wider, his route selection became more mature, and the midfielder became more and more prosperous. In the first five years of his career, Davis won the Champions League, UEFA Cup and many other honours. Such a start was like a hangover...

这时,Ajax团队中的年轻人才大量涌现。戴维斯(Davis),塞多夫(Seedorf),范德萨(Van der Sar),克鲁伊维特(Kluivert),德波尔兄弟(De Boer brothers),奥维玛斯(Ovimas)等都将在未来的荷兰足球史上写下传奇。范加尔(Van Gaal)的所有年轻球员都聚集在范加尔(Van Gaal)的指挥下。资深的里杰卡尔德(Rijkaard)运用他自己的经验来指导球队。凭借惊人的进驻率,快速的攻防转换和快速准确的传球,阿贾克斯青年军已成为欧洲。足球中最具火力的球队拥有荷兰足球的风格。在1994-95年的欧洲冠军联赛决赛中,克鲁伊维特作为替补得分,击败了强大的AC米兰,赢得了冠军联赛奖杯。戴维斯(Davis)继续在里杰卡尔德(Rijkaard)旁边学习,他的视野变得更广阔,他的选路变得更加成熟,并且中场变得越来越繁荣。在职业生涯的前五年,戴维斯赢得了冠军联赛,欧洲联盟杯和许多其他荣誉。这样的开始就像宿醉...

Having achieved such a result at a young age, Davis started his club career at a very high starting point. This is of course the trend of a blowout of Dutch football talent, but also thanks to his fierce and pragmatic style of play and his eager temper. However, everything has two sides, and the bulldog character also affected the path of the Dutch star's national team. In the summer of 1996, Davis, who performed well, entered the Dutch team and participated in the European Cup. The Bulldogs had two chances to play in the first two games. After knowing that he could not start in the third game of the group stage, Davis actually It is not surprising that he was screamed at the Dutch coach Hiddink and was expelled from the national team.

戴维斯年轻时就取得了这样的成绩,因此他的俱乐部生涯始于非常高的起点。当然,这是荷兰足球人才井喷的趋势,也要归功于他凶悍务实的比赛风格和急切的脾气。然而,一切都有两个方面,而且斗牛犬的性格也影响了这位荷兰球星国家队的出场。 1996年夏天,表现出色的戴维斯(Davis)进入了荷兰队,并参加了欧洲杯。斗牛犬有前两次比赛的两次机会。在得知自己无法参加小组赛的第三场比赛后,戴维斯实际上就不足为奇了,他被荷兰教练希丁克尖叫并被国家队开除。

In the summer of 1996, Davis traveled to the Apennines with the regret of missing a penalty in the Champions League final and failing to defend his title. The Serie A was known as a small World Cup that year. There were many strong teams and masters, and its prosperity was not comparable to today.


AC Milan joined with him and teammates Kluivert and Rezig. Milan's ambition to create a new "Three Musketeers in the Netherlands" is well known. However, the hope is not met. The style of the Dutch Bulldogs is not compatible with Milan. The playing time is very few. The back line has Baresi, Maldini, Desailly and others. It seems that the Dutch do not need a large-scale sweep ; The midfielder has Albertini, Savičević, Boban and other masters in tandem. David’s position in the team is embarrassing... In March 1997, Davis suffered an accidental fracture and could not play for a long time. It makes sense.


When people felt that the Dutch would continue to sink along the path of "injury forever", Davis re-emerged in Juventus under Lippi. "If I became a great football player at Juventus, then Milan also contributed to this." Davis said in an interview three years ago. Obviously, the lost experience in Milan has made him familiar with Serie A. Rhythm, the “bulldog” who had the courage and ambitions of the year began to evolve into a stronger “wild boar”.

当人们认为荷兰人将继续沿着“永远伤害”的道路沉没时,戴维斯在利皮的领导下重新出现在尤文图斯。 “如果我在尤文图斯成为一名出色的足球运动员,那么米兰也为此做出了贡献。”戴维斯三年前在一次采访中说。显然,在米兰失去的经验使他熟悉意甲。节奏,那年有勇气和雄心的“斗牛犬”开始演变成更强大的“野猪”。

The outstanding performance in the Bianconeri gave Davis the opportunity to play for the national team again. Even Hiddink, who had a conflict with him, did not consider the predicament for the interests of the team. He was a qualifier before the start of the 1998 World Cup. The wild boar that didn't play wore an orange jersey. In that fiery summer of France, Davis fulfilled his mission, starting all six games and playing the whole game, injecting strong momentum into the Oranello team and helping the Dutch team break into the World Cup semi-finals. The two scenes in stoppage time in the quarter-finals, where Yugoslavia was struck by long-range shots, and Ronaldo's single-handed goal was chased in the semifinals, were the highest moments of offense and defense in his career.


The years at Juventus were the peak period of the Boars' career, and it was also a period when his temper became increasingly uncontrollable. Doping suspicions, domestic violence scandals, and the deterioration of his relationship with coach Lippi have all become time bombs affecting his career. Finally, injury became the last straw to crush the camel.


In the winter of 2004, the wild boar left Turin, which had been fighting for many years.


And Barcelona is also at a trough around the new millennium. It has been suppressed by Real Madrid and Valencia for a long time and is in urgent need of revival.


The Boars' eldest brother Rijkaard in Ajax is now in charge of the Barcelona coach. He is trying to help Barcelona out of the trough in Cruyff's way. Davis, who left Juventus, was the last piece of the puzzle for the Black Swan to perfect all offense and defense and practice space theory. The two sides hit it off and opened a legend of the strongest temporary worker.


The arrival of Davis instantly stiffened Barcelona's waist, and the Dutch who stood up after the new year still covered a huge area, defended fiercely, and even became more proficient in defensive consciousness as they age. With his presence, Puyol on the defense line is more assured, and Harvey can advance ten meters to participate more in the frontcourt organization. Ronaldinho does not have to withdraw often to receive the ball... That season, Davis A total of 18 appearances for Barcelona in La Liga, which greatly improved the team’s defense, and improved the quality of the team’s offense through more stable backcourt shots and counterattacks after steals. Barcelona also scored points from the first half of the season. In the middle of the list, Liu Cheng worked hard to win La Liga runner-up and achieved Barcelona's best record in the league after the new century. In the national derby, the wild boar “arranged” Real Madrid's core old teammate Zidane clearly, and this game became his peak performance during his time with Barcelona.


"Temporary" Davis means more to Barcelona. In the 18 games he played, the wild boar's gallop made Rijkaard understand that the technical midfielder needs "butcher" teammates to match. In the next few seasons, Barcelona Get used to putting a purely defensive midfielder in the midfield. From Motta, Edmilson to Van Bommel, they all liberated Harvey, Deco, and Xiaobai to a large extent. It can be said that Davis's role has continued into the future "Dream II" Barcelona period. It can be seen that the real mercury attack must be guaranteed by defense. If there is no defensive midfielder who can run and grab, there is also an idea of ​​establishing an overall defense.

“临时”戴维斯对巴塞罗那意味着更多。在他参加的18场比赛中,野猪的疾驰让Rijkaard明白,技术中场需要“屠夫”队友来比赛。在接下来的几个赛季中,巴萨开始习首页惯于在中场放置一名纯粹的防守型中场。从Motta,Edmilson到Van Bommel,他们都在很大程度上解放了Harvey,Deco和Xiaobai。可以说,戴维斯的角色一直延续到未来的“梦二”巴塞罗那时期。可以看出,真正的汞攻击必须通过防御来保证。如果没有防守中场可以奔跑和抢夺,还有一个建立全面防守的想法。

Davis left Barcelona due to salary issues after the loan period expired and joined Inter Milan as a free agent. He became one of the top three players in Serie A. Due to age issues, the Boars are more dependent on physical and fierce playing style. Continued, the career has gradually declined, but the hot temper has not changed in the slightest, because of the conflict with the then coach Mancini, it was cleared at the end of the season, Milan City became Davis's sad place again.


Later, Davis came to Tottenham Hotspur to look for opportunities. He also failed to find his former form in White Hart Lane, and had a strained relationship with coach Martin Joel. After playing for a season and a half, he returned in January 2007. In the mother team Ajax, after suffering a leg fracture, gradually faded out of public view. Although Davis made a tenacious comeback in August 2010 and was willing to take a part-time job in the Crystal Palace where he lived in the British crown, he eventually broke up again due to his poor condition and irritable personality. In 2012, the "aged" wild boar played for England's fourth-level team Barnett again as a player and coach. Although his skills were absent, his temper was still hot. At the end of 2013, Davis ate 3 in 8 games. After the red card, he retired angrily and ended his ups and downs in his career.

后来,戴维斯来到热刺寻找机会。他还没有在怀特哈特巷找到他以前的形式,并且与教练马丁·乔尔(Martin Joel)关系紧张。在打了一个半赛季之后,他于2007年1月返回。在母队阿贾克斯(Ajax)遭受腿部骨折后,他逐渐淡出了公众视野。尽管戴维斯(Davis)在2010年8月顽强地复出并愿意在他居住在英国王室的水晶宫(Crystal Palace)从事兼职工作,但由于身体状况不佳和脾气暴躁,他最终再次分手。 2012年,“年老”野猪再次作为球员和教练效力于英格兰的四级球队巴内特。尽管他的技能缺失,但他的脾气仍然很热。在2013年底,戴维斯吃了8场比赛中的3场。获得红牌后,他愤怒地退休,结束了他的事业起伏。

After angrily ending his playing career, Davis became the full-time coach of the Barnett team and also served as the assistant coach of the Dutch U20 national team in 2018. So far, the Boars have not achieved any decent results in the position of coach, but this does not affect him to continue to love football in his own way: participate in the old teammates with his old teammates, come to China to participate in activities for Juventus, in various media Going to give support to the team he used to play... Davis, who was once hot-tempered, seems to have made peace with this world.


Davis’s legendary life has actually condensed many people’s understanding of football. From watching wild boars, they learned to appreciate defense, understood the different roles of different players, understood the two sides of each player, and understood the Netherlands. The true core of football.


1991-1996 Ajax


1996-1997 AC Milan

1996-1997 AC米兰

1997-2004 Juventus


2004.01-2004.06 Barcelona


2004-2005 Inter Milan


2005-2007 Tottenham Hotspur


2007-2008 Ajax


2010-2010 Crystal Palace


2012-2013 Barnett


422 games in club career, 32 goals


Main honors during the Ajax period: 1993-94, 1994-95, 1995-96 Dutch League, 1992-93, 2006-07 Dutch Cup, 1995 Dutch Super Cup, 1994-95 UEFA Champions League, 1991-92 Season UEFA Cup, 1995 European Super Cup, 1995 Toyota Cup

阿贾克斯时期的主要荣誉:1993-94、1994-95、1995-96荷兰联赛,1992-93、2006-07荷兰杯,1995荷兰超级杯,1994-95欧洲冠军联赛,1991-92赛季欧洲冠军杯, 1995年欧洲超级杯,1995年丰田杯

Major honors during Juventus: 1997-98, 2001-02, 2002-03 Serie A champion, 2002, 2003 Italian Super Cup champion


Major honors during the Inter Milan period: 2004-05 Italian Cup champion


The Dutch national team has 6 goals in 74 games


Won the semi-finals of the 1998 World Cup, the semi-finals of the European Cup in 2000 and 2004


Selected as the best team in the 1998 World Cup and the best team in the 2000 European Cup


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